Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Juice Fast Day 9

So today was a bit better than yesterday.  I woke up a little after midnight, and got up about 1.  Went down stairs and made my juice.  I took the juice I bought at Robek's yesterday and the I made:

4 oranges (with orange color peeled off)
8 romaine leaves
1/2 bunch italian parsley
celery (not sure how much cause it was the center of the bunch so it was lots of small pieces but much less than I had put in last time)

I combined this with the cucumber, apple, lemon, ginger from yesterday and had about 70 oz of juice.  I would say this is probably my best green juice so far.  I was able to drink it all but I still don't like it.  So, tomorrow I am going to try no celery and see if that fixes my problem.  Maybe I'm wrong and it's not the celery at all.  We shall see.  I did lay down around 9zm for a couple hours of sleep.  I know I shouldn't cause I don't do well with naps but I had a bad headache so I just had to.  Almost midnight and I am tired so hopefully I'll sleep tonight and day 10 will be my break out day.  The bloating and gas was a bit better today but still there.  Also the weight still isn't coming off like I thought it would.  My overall # is pretty good, but the weight loss since starting the juicing isn't even 4.5 lbs.  I'm afraid the problem is that I'm not getting enough juice but if the bloating doesn't go away I don't know how I could drink much more.  Oh well, I'm still planing to stick with it so hopefully that will change.  See you all tomorrow.

Stats after 8 days of juicing:

Starting Weight:          230
Starting Juice Weight: 217.2
Current Weight:          212.9
Daily Change: -0.4
Overall Juice Change: -4.3
Overall Change: -17.1
Starting Waist:          45.5
Starting Juice Waist: 42.5
Current Waist:      40.75
Daily Change:  -0.5
Overall Juice Change: -1.75
Overall Change: -4.75

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