Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Juice Fast Day 2/ Day 15

So I slept okay, woke up a lot but was able to get back to sleep.  Slept from 2pm to 10pm and got out of bed at 11pm.  Made some hot water with lemon and a tsp of honey.  Made the "ginger shot" at 12:30am, this time I used:

1/2 golden delicious apple
1/2" ginger

made 4 oz

This was better, the ginger went with the golden delicious better than it did with the fuji from yesterday.  I'll use the other 1/2 of the apple tomorrow, but then I'm gonna try it with a granny smith apple, the tart might work with the ginger even better.

I then went on to make the 1st juice of day 2, the "Veggie Power", which is 2 golden delicious apples, 3/4 cup spinach, 3/4 cup kale, 1/2 lemon (unpeeled) 1/2 stalk celery, 1/4 medium cucumber, 3/4" of broccoli stem, 1/2 avocado, & ice.  I followed this one pretty close, but I did:

2 fuji apples
1.5 oz spinach
1.5 oz kale
1/2 lemon (yellow color removed)
1/2 stalk celery
2" cucumber
1" broccoli stem
1/2 avocado & 1 cup ice (blended into juice)

Made 32 oz.  This was good, not as good as the Turbo juice yesterday, I missed the pineapple, but still good.  I got more apples today, and bought both fuji and golden delicious, so when I made this later I tried it with the golden delicious.  It was about 1:30amby the time I was drinking this.

At 4:00am I started working on my double batch of juice for #2 & #3, "Ruby Tuesday" which is, 1/4 medium pineapple, 2 carrots, 1 small beet, 1 thin slice ginger (how ever in his how to video he used a big chunk), & 4 sprigs basil.  What I made was (double batch):

1/2 pineapple
4 carrots
1 red cabbage
1/2" ginger
1 oz basil

This made 44 oz so 22 now and 22 later.

I had red cabbage before I decided to do this plan and didn't want it to go to waste and I found online that it's a good substitute for beet for people who don't like, or can't have beet.  Of course, I'm also still gun shy from my beet juice disaster a couple years ago.  Next time I go shopping for the next 5 day cycle I will go ahead and get beets so it will be interesting to see the taste difference between red cabbage and beets.

5am by the time I was drinking the juice.  I am not liking this one at all.  Still not as bad as some of the ones I made before, but not enjoyable.  Even the smell of this one is getting to me.  I think I used too much cabbage and I think it would be better if I had the beet.  I figured 1/2 cabbage per beet but I probably should have done 1/4 cabbage per beet.  Also, I'm on to my second pineapple and this one isn't as ripe as the last one so I don't think I'm getting enough sweetness from that, in fact I can't even taste it.   I will say it's a very pretty burgundy color. I was so NOT looking forward to having to drink this juice again in a few hours.  Had a tough enough time finishing the one glass.

At 7:45am I headed over to my parents for the treadmill.  It took forever to get over there, traffic was crazy with everyone going to work and school.  I'm not used to being out and about that early.  So I did almost the same thing as yesterday 2.0 incline @ 1.5mph for 3 min, but 5.0 incline @ 1.5mph for only 27 min and then 2.0 incline @ 1.5mph for 3 min.  I was planning to do the full 30 but my hips started to bother me and today is also my gym day so I cut it short.  Probably a good idea as I felt lightheaded after stopping for a few minutes.  Afterwards I headed over to Sam's club cause I was almost out of apples.  Surprisingly enough they didn't have golden delicious, only fuji, gala, and red delicious.  Thought about getting the gala but figured I should probably stick with the fuji since I know what I'm getting.  Also picked up some grapefruit and more raspberries.  Jason doesn't use grapefruit in any of his drinks, but I thought it would make a nice light drink for when I want more juice.  Jason's plan allows you a cheat (avocado, banana, or one of his juice bars) but I know from expierence that it just leads to more temptation.  Once you start allowing yourself to eat food it's a slippery slope.  Plus I'm a bit concerned that I'm getting too much fiber.  I know, totally backward from normal.  But one of the reasons people say to do a juice fast as opposed to a smoothie fast is because in getting rid of all the insoluble fiber you give your digestive track a break allowing you body to focus on other things.  Well with Jason's plan he has you adding avocados, bananas, and one drink he blends berries instead of juicing them and also adds seeds to it, so I'm already worried about all that fiber so I certainly don't want to add more.  I did send an e-mail to Jason (or his team, not sure who reads it) so we'll see what he says if he gets back to me.  So I decided to just add one more juice if I really need it.

Finally got back home at 9:30am and let me tell you my house SMELLS!  Thank you cabbage.  Don't know if I'm gonna juice cabbage again.  I might go ahead and get some beats before it's time to do another red drink, think that's on day 5.  As if the smell weren't bad enough I'm also having to drink the second half of the cabbage drink.  I only filled my glass (about 16 oz) and dumped the rest out.  Just couldn't do a refill this time.

So I knew I needed more juice but wasn't ready to make the final juice of the day and I didn't have time to make it so I made:

2 grapefruit (yellow removed)
1 orange (orange removed)
6 oz raspberries

Made about 32 oz.  YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY!

At 11:30am I took about 26 oz with me in my bottle and headed out to my doctors appt. and from there I went to the gym.  The gym I go to is not a normal gym.  I'm really tired right now though, so I'll explain it to you all tomorrow.  On the way home from the gym I stopped at Stater Bros. and picked up some golden delicious apples, some beets, and some ice (my ice maker is broken)  Got home about 3pm.

It's about pm now, and I'm supposed to be making my final juice of the day, my second dose of "Veggie Power" which I was really looking forward to.  But I am so tired I can't imagine making a juice right now.  If I just had to run the juicer I'd probably do it, but I still need to wash and cut up everything.  There's got to be an easier way to prep for this ahead of time.  I wondering if on Saturday or Sunday (which ever day I have more time) I should wash almost everything I need for the week, cut it up, so it's all ready to go and put in a Foodsaver bag and take out all the air.  I wonder if the veggies would still keep okay or if they'd get all weird and wilty.  So I finished off the rest of my grapefruit drink and now I'm just trying to stay awake as long as I can.  Definitely need to stay awake til 4, but 5 or 6 would be even better.  Maybe I'll get a second wind and be able to go make my juice.  My stomach is really starting to bother me, the gas and bloating are coming back.  I hope it's just the cabbage and once it's through me I'll feel better again.

As you can see from my stats I haven't lost any weight today, but I still haven't had a BM since Denny's and I'm also probably retaining water again because of all the sodium that was in that meal.

Well, I'm fading...

Stats after 1/14 days of juicing:

Starting Weight:          230
Starting Juice Weight: 217.2
Current Weight:          211.8
Daily Change: -0
Overall Juice Change: -5.4
Overall Change: -18.2
Starting Waist:          45.5
Starting Juice Waist: 42.5
Current Waist:      40.25
Daily Change:  -0
Overall Juice Change: -2.25
Overall Change: -5.25

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