Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Day 1??? Well not quite!

So once again I wasn’t able to start my juice fast. :( A little back story…A couple years ago my doctor wanted me to drink a couple ounces of fresh beet juice every day for a week. So I went to walmart and bought a juiceman juicer and some beets. Well first lets talk about the beets, I don’t know if there is some trick that I was missing, but those suckers are so hard I almost lost some fingers trying to cut them into pieces to get into the juicer. Then there was the juicer, you had to have it already running before you put the produce in the chute. It didn’t matter how fast I was the thing spit beet everywhere before I could cover the hole. I still find specks of beet juice on my cabinets and ceiling. Then there was the juice itself, gross! I swore I’d never juice again, the juicer went into one of those upper cabinets you never open and there it has stayed. So fast forward to now… I really need to get my body in shape both health wise and weight wise so I decided to do the fast, and to get a GOOD juicer this time. So I ordered the Omega VRT350. I wanted to start yesterday, but the juicer didn’t come til today so I was actually contemplating using the juiceman again for the first couple days, but when I didn’t start yesterday I decided to wait tile my new juicer arrived and use it. So I was all set to start today, and kept checking to see if my delivery had come. UPS always comes early, but of course today it was 7:30pm before my juicer arrived.

So now, my juicer is here and ready for tomorrow and I will start tomorrow no matter what!!! I did go shopping today at both Sam’s club and Sprouts and got all kinds of fresh fruits and veggies, and I went ahead and got some of that Naked juice. So I guess I sort of started today. All I’ve had is water and a couple glasses of Naked juice, but my official start with the juicer and fresh juice is tomorrow.

See ya at the end of day 1

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